Moses-Stands-at-the-Burning-Bush by Yoram Raannan

Called As We Are – Lenten Reflection (05)

 Scripture for Today: Exodus 2, 3 ,4

He cried.
He was secretive.
He murdered.
He felt guilty.
He doubted God.
He challenged God.
He needed help.

And still, God called Moses to liberate God’s people.

As God has done with Noah, Sarah, and Abraham, in today’s scripture God recruits Moses to work alongside God. However, rather than choosing someone described as blameless and righteous, this time God calls someone who is clearly flawed and undeniably human. Moreover, God explains in great detail that God will be with Moses and provide all that he needs. Still, Moses balks.

I feel you, Moses.

I rarely feel prepared, ready, or right to serve God. I see my failures and weaknesses much more clearly than the gifts and strengths God has given me. But this point of view serves no one. Focusing on my shortcomings keeps me stuck in a place of fear and doubt, and makes me reluctant to join in God’s ongoing movement of love.

Sometimes it’s easier to cultivate this fear than embrace an attitude of confidence in God. The belief that God is calling us requires our readiness and abiding trust in God. It isn’t easy to live this way. However, Moses’s story is a powerful reminder that when we trust that God has called us, we more fully understand God’s abundant love and power. We not only change the world, we change how we see ourselves.

Prayer: May I see myself in the light of God

Reflection: Where do I let doubt control my actions? What can I more fully say yes to God?

Art: “Moses Stands at the Burning Bush” by Yoram Raannan

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