Lenten Practices – Tatua Kenya Update

This Lent I have been practicing letting go of fear and learning to trust myself more. Instead of giving into fear and ‘not saying what I think’ or ‘taking a risk,’ I have been trusting myself and finding a whole new way of being. At times this has been terrifying but I feel transformed,  with a clear sense of who I am called to be and what I want to do with my life. This process of new life, of letting go of the old is something incredible.

My work at Tatua Kenya allows me to experience this miracle of new life daily as individuals, communities and cultures transform from places of death to places of vibrant life. Jacob, an organizing fellow with Tatua Kenya was reflecting on this resurrection that has happened in Ngong Village.

“Long held beliefs and values have had to be broken to some of the Ngong people. One of these being the community’s culture of dependency. Parents believed that they could not do anything to change their current situations and Tatua Kenya just had to do it for them, all they had to do was to bring their kids to the program and wait. But over the last year, we have seen over 300 parents commit to community parents group and finding solution to this challenge.” 
At a community event in Ngong taking a break from playing football.
At a community event in Ngong taking a break from playing football.
The most powerful form of new life is one that emerges from old beliefs. It begins when we know ourselves as beloved children of God, upheld by our communities, capable of creating justice. This awakening restores us and reconciles us to the life for which we were created. As Christians we are asked to experience this transformation each Lent and Easter. We have a chance to let go of our habits, fears and ideas and transform more into who we are in Christ.
This year Tatua Kenya, an organization I helped start, is asking you to join with them in creating a transformed world. First, do so by examining the places in your life, your community that are aching for newness. Second, do so by supporting this global transformation by making a donation to Tatua Kenya and supporting their 2014 Fellowship in which 25 new communities will join us in the work of becoming who we were created to be.
Obviously, I’m biased as I was part of the founding team but they really are doing amazing work … check out their blog and click here to make a tax deductible donation today and to bring us into a fuller expression of the new life that is ours in Christ. 

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